Notable Cases

Past Settlement Results on Personal Injury Cases

Disclaimer: The Black law firm does not guarantee any case results. The description of cases, trial results and settlements described on this page are actual case results handled by the firm but these cases represent just a sampling of the cases that the firm has handled and do not guarantee future results. Each case is unique and must be judged on its own merits, facts and conditions.

1. Confidential Settlement- Wrongful Death

A disabled U.S. Army Vet died while being arrested by 3 policemen. Suit was brought  against the 3 officers and their Police Dept. based on inadequate police training. My firm hired a world renown expert in the field of forensic pathology who determined that the cause of death was due to an obscure phenomenon,called "positional asphyxiation." The case garnered  significant local and national media attention and was resolved 2 years after litigation commenced. Since then, many police departments throughout the country have updated their training manuals to include specialized training when arresting overweight disabled people who tend to (through no conscious fault of their own) resist arrest due to their mental disabilities.  

Case Name: Genevieve and Fidel Fernandez v. Cooper City Police Dept (2001)
Court: U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida
Judge: The Honorable Donald M. Middlebrooks
Medical Expert: Dr. Ronald K. Wright, M.D., Former Chief Medical Examiner, Miami-Dade County
Police Practices Expert: Dr. George Kirkham, PhD. 

2. $215,000-Premises Liability settlement (settled during trial) 

A glass table top in the lobby of an office building
collapsed on top of a toddler, resulting in serious injuries to his hand

3. $200,000-Third Degree Burn Injury settlement,

A child suffered serious burn injuries to his body when he came into contact with charcoal embers that were carelessly discarded on a neighbors grass after a family barbecue.  

4. $175,000-Slip and Fall settlement,

A middle aged woman suffered serious injuries to her knee, requiring multiple surgeries, after she walked outside her apartment door and slipped on wet floor paint that was present. No warnings or notices were given to the apartment tenants in advance of the painting work. 

5. $155,000-Slip and Fall settlement,

 A young lady slipped on a mixture of oil and water at a car dealership resulting in serious injuries which required multiple surgeries. 


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